Styling the latest trend in accessories

Happy Monday loves, super excited to be sharing another blog post with you all! I know its been a while and I’ve been completely consumed with other things in life but I am back! As of lately I’ve been working super hard to build myself and my brand and in all honesty, take myself more serious. I have a ton of goals I plan to accomplish before the year is up and for me to do that I must plan and create deadlines for everything. Setting goals is a huge part of growth and becoming successful to me. I know how hard it can be to grasp on to one thing while trying to do another, so if you are one of those people asĀ  I am who’s thoughts are everywhere, I for sure would recommend just taking a few seconds out of your day, sitting down and really think about your long and short term goals and write those down and create deadlines for them. You’ll be really glad you did so. For me, deadlines are a necessity and without them I am a complete mess lol.

With all that being said I’m currently crossing off my list of short/ long term goals and I started with a photo shoot! Really want to get my portfolio going (long overdue) and create some amazing work. I wanted to challenge myself with this, I told myself to pick an accessory rather it be a jewelry item, an article of clothing, an object etc. and to style it. I chose to use sneakers, Yeezy 500’s to be exact. I love the style of the shoe and I felt there was so much I could do with it. I also chose a very popular fashion trend which is tulle. I’ve noticed a lot of fashion brands using tulle to make amazing articles of clothing such as Alexander Mcqueen, Gucci, Moschino, and many more! I loved the idea of being able to experiment with this and create a piece of my own and so I did! I wanted this to be something fun, but grungy and to be my own as well. I really hope you guys enjoy!

Huge thank you to Monet and Brandon for creating art with me and bringing my vision to life! IG- Model -@monetlovee

photographer- @brndwtsn