Travel beauty essentials and tips!

Hello beauties! 2019 is here and I’m super excited to be able to start fresh and leave everything 2018 in the past! A new year, comes new goals, bigger challenges, and better opportunities. All together a fresh start and a clean slate. But lets not forget the fun stuff like traveling! If you’re anything like me I love to travel. Rather if its a quick getaway, or a trip across the country I’m always for a reason to relax, shop and go sight seeing!  But as all of my makeup savvy ladies know, traveling with all of your best makeup can become very scary and quite messy at times. Nothing is worse than coming home from a great trip to open your luggage only to find your favorite eyeshadow palette is cracked and ruined, or your favorite foundation is all over your makeup bag….yes, we’ve all been there. To avoid this I wanted to share with you ladies tips that have always worked for me and my go-to travel beauty essentials to avoid having to bring your full sized beauty products, enjoy!


tips- if you are traveling with eye shadow palettes I would recommend either buying single eye shadow pans to avoid having to bring the entire palette and also buy small trays to put them in. That definitely helps with space and also with breaking! Another tip would be to wrap your shadows very tightly to avoid vibration and shattering. For your foundations you can buy clear plastic jars, they’re super convenient and small that way you only bring as much as you need to and nothing breaks! They’re very affordable, you can buy a 50ct on Amazon for as little as $10!

Travel beauty essentials

Mario Badescu Facial Spray (With Aloe Herbs, and Rosewater- Ladies this is the holy grail of facial sprays! This is a must have item. Its super inexpensive, light weight and its not sticky. This spray keeps your skin super glowy and hydrated and it also works very well as a setting spray. This company is also cruelty- free!

Olay Luminous Whip face moisturizer- This formula is so light weight and smells and more importantly feels amazing on your skin. For those days where you just want to wake up and go without any makeup, this product is your go to. It gives you a natural glow, and also minimizes the appearance of pores which gives you that smooth look.

Fenty Beauty Lip Luminizer (color FU$$Y)- We all Stan Rihanna but I must say this gloss is amazing! Its very light weight while also having a very decent wear time. I can go hours without having to re apply. Smells amazing and has a beautiful shine with a hint of pink. 

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser- this is a great face soup, especially for women who wear makeup often. It lifts every inch of dirt and leftover makeup residue so your pores are never clogged which is great when trying to keep your skin acne free!